Ms. Mickey's Creole Seasonings are

Who Is Ms. Mickey?

Highly innovative, passionate, and goal-driven, S. Kathleen Mickey is a spearheading cooking professional with an underlying mission to deliver perfectly blended creole seasonings and spices that exceed expectations. As the Founder and Owner of Ms. Mickey’s Creole Seasonings, Kathleen has an extensive background within the culinary industry and enjoys every moment of creating unparalleled flavoring agents that guarantee wow-factor outcomes.

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Kathleen discovered early on her admiration for cooking. Growing up, she learned how to cook through the hands and lessons of her mother, Kathy Jackson-Scott, and her late grandmother, Elizabeth Wright-Jackson, who was a victim of hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Furthermore, she has commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic instilled in her at a young age, and those core principles became the catalyst for her to join the U.S. Army in 1996 after graduating from L.W. Higgins High 1991 (retired in January of 2017). In addition, Kathleen also holds an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Grantham University and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  Overall, these diverse past experiences have all played a pinnacle role in shaping Kathleen’s life and positioned her to become the accredited and respected cooking-inspired entrepreneur she is today.

In the end, nothing makes Kathleen happier than sharing her delectable creole seasonings and spices to support others in reaching new levels of cooking success.  She has a true ardency for her career and demonstrates her zestfulness by delivering unique, favorable, and top-quality resources that have continuously left lasting cornerstone impacts.  This, in conjunction with her dedication to raising the standards bar, detail precision, and spirit of contagious laughter, can all solidify your confidence that you have found the perfect resource to take your cooking skills to new advancing heights.

Kathleen loves what she does and is always seeking ways to advance herself both personally and professionally to give her customers the second to none products they deserve. However, when she is not working, you can often find her cooking for fun, gardening, traveling abroad the country and the world, and spending precious time with her three adult children Courtney, Semaj, and Rebeca, and her fiancé, Mr. Richard Starks.

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